It took 50 years of experience, and a year of writing, but it’s finally here — my first novel.  Check it out!  It’s available on Amazon and Kindle. About the story:

The Lynch family has moved to Battle Creek, Michigan, and the four older Lynch children, who miss their friends in Connecticut, are dismally gazing out the front window of their new house. Soon, small groups of children with various types of snow equipment begin trooping past the house. The Lynch kids follow the groups to a neighborhood pond, and they discover a whole new world of possibilities. Their first day at the pond initiates them to members of a local, rather notorious, gang and various groups they will encounter in their new school. As the Lynches learn the social rules and hierarchies of their new home, there are many ups and downs. But, when Evie, the second oldest Lynch Kid, finds something lying on the ice, the Lynches are accidentally dragged into a mystery and find themselves on an adventure where they are inextricably linked to the biggest bullies in the 6th grade.

The Disturbance Club: Winter is a page-turner; a mystery, adventure story about making the right friends and trying to do the right thing.

Eve Gronberg Literature