Eve Gronberg is a New Englander/Ohioan, the second of nine children, and a graduate of Northeastern University with a B.S.B.A. in Finance and of University of St. Thomas with a M.Ed. in Leadership. She has been married to her husband Bob for almost 37 years, and they have two daughters.

Born in Ohio, her family moved to Lexington, MA, when she was three. After several moves to different states within the span of seven years, the family settled in Weston, MA. Her large family, child-populated neighborhoods, and the several different school systems she attended afforded her opportunities to experience and witness many different types of social interactions and alliances.

During her spare time from her occupation as a Funding Manager in the leasing industry, she added to her relationship experiences and observances as a Jr. High youth leader for 10 years and as a Jr. High Sunday School teacher for 10 additional years. She also coached her children’s teams in recreational gymnastics, soccer, and tennis. After moving to The Woodlands, TX, in 1998, she received her teaching certificate and taught 7th and 8th grade math and history as a long-term substitute for 5 years. As part of her Masters work, she interned as an assistant principal at a local high school in conjunction with running a small school for homeschooled students through a tutoring agency. The small school grew over the two years, and the students and parents encouraged her to change her focus. She became a professional tutor and writer.

“The Disturbance Club is loosely based on my life. Many of the characters are real people and the events are partially true, but they have been shuffled and reinvented in my imagination. There are two things I have always wanted to do – run my own business, and publish a book! The Lord said it was time.”